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Fundamentals Sports Camp provides quality sports and character education to young boys and girls. Children spend most of the day learning the skills and concepts of a variety of sports and games. We provide entertaining activities with a core curriculum of “off the field” character building, focusing on shaping confidence, sportsmanship, and life skills in kids.

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Teaching Character Education
Through Sports Since 1998

  • Character Building at Fundamentals Sports Camp

    Character Building

    This is the core belief upon which the camp was founded and an integral part of the coaching process. The central philosophy is that by exposing campers to a rich, well rounded learning experience they will leave as better citizens able to choose good values.

  • Variety of Sports With A Weekly Focus at Fundamentals Sports Camp

    Variety of Sports with a Weekly Focus

    Each week campers learn the rules and history specific to one sport and play that sport at least once every day. Throughout the remainder of the day the children enjoy playing a wide variety of other sports providing a well rounded experience.

  • Professional Coaches at Fundamentals Sports Camp

    Professional Coaches

    All of our coaches are professionally trained educators with hands on experience as early education teachers. This experience equips them with the skills to manage and mitigate any of the daily issues that their young campers may face in a supportive manner.

  • Game Day at Fundamentals Sports Camp

    Game Day

    Every Friday all campers and coaches wear camp shirts or uniforms of their favorite teams and participate in an all camp fun day. The day mostly consists of playing games and putting into practice the tools, techniques and lessons learned throughout the week.

  • Off Field Curriculum at Fundamentals Sports Camp

    Off Field Curriculum

    Classroom lessons build character through discourse about sportsmanship, sports in current events, appropriate role models, and more. The informal discussions teach campers the values of teamwork and commitment which are essential in sports and in life!

  • Play Book at Fundamentals Sports Camp

    Play Book

    Each camper creates a “Play Book” consisting of arts and crafts and notes from the off field curriculum. The creative process provides them not only with a keepsake but also a method of reinforcing the values they have learned throughout the week.

The Value of Physical Activity

of Fortune 500 Executive Participated in school age athletics
of children participating in sports are more likely to attend college
Higher test scores for students who participate in sports
of children in sports activities are less likely to become obese

Whether or not children excel in a particular sport the inherent value of the activity is much

greater than just being good for their health. Learning how to win or lose, how to effectively
work as a team

and understanding what it means to be coachable are
just a few pieces of the process. Many studies over time have shown the positive effects of

sports as a child and how the values carry over in their adulthood.

We are proud to offer programs to allow children a chance to excel in life skills.



“An exceptional sports camp where kids learn the skills but also the importance of sportsmanship and being a good teammate. My son loved going everyday to learn both about skills and how to be a player and role model. The staff is great!”
– Tricia

“Amazing concept… Teaching our children that sportsmanship matters. Fundamentals Sports Camp is a great place where our two sons play different sports each week, learn to respect other kids and the coaches, and have an amazing time throughout the day! The boys are definitely going back this summer!”
– Charlie